A day out with the kids under $50?

Are you looking for something fun to do with the kids? Teenage kids? Are you looking to spend under $100 doing it? What if I tell you it can be done for under $50? Would you believe me?

As I stroll on up to my old neck of the woods I find just that. Strawberry picking and a good ol lunch all for under $50.


Lawrence Farms in Newburgh NY is a pick your own haven for everything from strawberries to cherries, zucchini, spinach, cabbage, corn, apples galore, broccoli and too much more to name. Our strawberries were cute and delicious and only cost us a little over ten bucks. In the summer this place is the farm to go to to spend all day at. They usually have a full service snack bar that serves up everything from chicken fingers to their own homemade apple cider donuts that melt in your mouth. They just opened for the season so we stopped off at Adam’s Fair acre Farms a local family owned supermarket for a brown box lunch from their seafood department.


For $9.95 you get a brown box loaded with fried shrimp, clams, fries & cod along with coleslaw, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. Tell me how can you go wrong? Even my one year old couldn’t help but to sit back relax and enjoy the scenery.


And if you think your teens won’t be into it think again. They may not admit it but they love this stuff look at my tough guys pickin strawberries.


So, the next time your looking for something to do this summer think Orange County they have an abundant amount of farms with great things to do there oh and the best part of all is after a day with the kids Mom still had enough to treat herself to a decaf soy latte at Caffe Macchiato on Liberty Street in Newburgh Barbera Ballerini one of the owners moved here from Italy about 10 years ago and has been serving up real Italian food there ever since she arrived in Newburgh.


And the Hudson Valley View will never let you down even on a rainy day! Happy Picking Everyone!


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