You will CRAVE this place

My first walking fundraiser left me right in front of a restaurant in the city of Poughkeepsie called Crave. I eat out a lot and I cook a lot. I can honestly tell you that I know what good food is and this is it. The food that comes out of that kitchen is far worth the ride up there. My boyfriend and I started off with a shaved kale salad so worth it for $10. Accompanied by duck scrapple only $11. As the menu describes it as a breaded and pan fried duck confit & local polenta cake sunny side egg with mustard vinaigrette and frissee.

We also enjoyed the wild boar bolognese.

A thai inspired hanger steak with a pineapple salsa and coconut risotto.

To finish it off we had a lavendar creme brûlée, it was to die for and a strawberry rhubarb gelato tart.

Enough said take the ride you’ll thank me for it. You can find Crave below the Walkway over the Hudson at 129 Washington Street in Poughkeepsie NY. Let me know how much you liked it.

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