Pizza Pals

One of my favorite birthday parties I enjoy doing when we get requested to host is our “Little Italy” party. I love making pizza’s keeping things simple and giving out fun ways to get kids eating healthy without them even knowing it. Here are a few tips to get your kids started.
First we need to keep things simple or Mom, you’ll never do it again. Second we need to keep it fun or your kids will never do it again lol. So instead of using real dough which can get messy and sticky use tortillas or pita bread for crust. Place several bowls out in the table filled with low fat cheeses, tomato sauce and veggies like sliced olives, sliced mushrooms, strips of colored peppers, shredded carrots and so on.
This is also a great thing to do when friends come over and, in the heat wave we’ve been going through you don’t necessarily have to cook them you can also grill them for a crispy crust and you skip heating up the house.

Let the kids think of creative ways to use the topping and take pictures when their done. Post them on facebook to make your kids feel special because they are. Hopefully you’ll also inspire some other facebook friends to do the same.

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