Hop on Over to the Hop

On my last trip across the bridge you know the other bridge that leads you to Garrison, Beacon and Poughkeepsie I spotted this little place in Beacon called The Hop. They sell artisan beers that you can both drink there or take home. Their menu sounded creative and their beers seemed interesting. I opted for the sampler and the Lamb & Kale Sausage. I fell in love with the Rubius raspberry ale. Wow was it Yummy! It was very crisp and refreshing like drinking an iced tea.

My Lamb & Kale dinner choice pulled my attention because it was served with polenta and, that’s something you don’t see that much anymore. Although it is making a comeback. The poached egg made a nice accompaniment to the dish also. The Guinness was both chocolatey and coffee like and also delicious. I would definetly go back it was a cool place to go an grab a beer or two. I spotted my next culinary adventure across the street. A small korean restaurant Called Seoul kitchen caught my eye so I wandered in and found the cutest little Korean lady cooking up a storm. I could tell it was a small but authentic place to eat. I can’t wait to explore and share my findings about this place. Until then enjoy a nice cold one at The Hop.



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