BBQ dilema solved! Burger bar!

Looking for something simple but fun to do for your guests this fourth of July? How about doing a burger bar? A burger bar ? Yea, a burger bar! We all love salad bars how about setting up a fun and simple way to enjoy burgers.


Simple ways to accomplish a really cool burger bar is to first have a variety of burgers in a variety of sizes. Provide your guests with choices like turkey, beef, chicken and veggie burgers. Everyone loves sliders and quarter pounders.
Now for the toppings, my favorite part of any meal. Set up a variety of bowls and platters filled with an array of items like avocados, caramelized onions, bacon, roasted corn, roasted red peppers, coleslaw, sautéed mushrooms, raw red onions, lettuce and tomato of course and any other fun and out of the ordinary things you come across. The bar should also have a variety of aioli’s, ketchups and mustards for people to use to top their burgers off with. Easy ways to create this is by simply taking your basic condiments and flavoring them with herbs and spices you have around the kitchen. Jazz up ketchup with some hot sauce, instead of the regular old honey mustard why not try some maple mustard. By Simply adding some maple syrup to some nice stone ground mustard your guests will be impressed.

Aioli’s are simpler than you think to make. By simply pureeing some roasted red peppers and adding them to your favorite mayo you now have a roasted red pepper aioli! Adding herbs and spices like cumin, cayene or roasted garlic will also give you some great gourmet aioli flavors.
Pesto is one of my favorite spreads whose versatility gets overlooked so much. Pesto is a fun, tasty and healthy way to enjoy a burger.

How will your guests know what to put on their burgers why not create your own burger menu ideas?! Give them fun names with themes like “The little Italy burger” fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pesto and you’ve got a little Italy on your all American burger. Get fun with it and make recipe cards for your guests to take home. Don’t forget to have a mini “cheese bar” what’s a burger without cheese? And what’s a cheeseburger without some fries?


If your really in the spirit you can add a ” french fry bar” . Have an assortment of fries. My favorite is tater tots!! Yummy!! I know sweet potato fries are a hot item now also. Create baskets filled with steak fries, shoe string fries and crinkle cut fries. Have shakers filled with garlic salt, maple sugar and cayenne pepper to season your basket of fries with. I bet you didn’t think a burger and fries could be so fun! Enjoy your fourth with the all American burger and fries! Chef Angela

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